Move Strong, Live Capable, Be Resilient

Essential programs to eliminate pain, move better and perform at a higher level.

Feel better

Essential education and movement protocols to resolve common aches and pain.

Physical Freedom

Guided movement programs to break-free of limitations and expand your abilities.

Perform Stronger

Protocols for all levels to boost performance on the field, in the boardroom and life.

Online Programs To Feel Amazing and Break-Free Of Limitations.

Get back to doing all the things you that make you happy with smart training, effective coaching; delivered in easy-to-follow programs in the MIQ Online Program.  It’s like having Missy and Ryan personally take you through all their protocols for pain, mobility and strength.  You’ll be able to access all of our virtual programs anytime and anywhere.

Building Your Body To Be

Strong, Capable and Resilient

4 Steps To Living Your Best Life

Step 1: Get Educated

Neuroscience has proven that having just a little education about how your brain and body, you experience less pain. The first step is to become more educated on how your brain and body work. This arms you with the understanding and options to align your mind and break-free of limitations. The sky is the limit.

Step 2: Eliminate Pain

Your experience of pain can come from so many different reasons - past injuries, physical limitations, emotional trauma and even posture problems. Regardless, we know that improving movement quality, in the right doses, has the power to completely eliminate pain and disfunction. Living pain-free is beautiful.

Step 3: Expand Your Abilities

When you eliminate disfunction, you open up the possibility of living life to the fullest. Whether you just want to play with your kids, go hike a mountain or excel in your sport, we have templates and programs to expand your movement abilities. Movement is the foundation from which other skills are built. Better Movement = Better Life.

Step 4: Perform Stronger

When you take a brain-based approach like we do, you'll begin to notice performance boosts across the board. Sure the physical performance benefits are good, but the cognitive benefits are even better! Our performance programs offer safe and sustainable ways you get stronger, become more capable and live a resilient life.

What Our Members Say About Us

Movement IQ has helped me make a healthier choices when I’m traveling for work.  I wanted a change and that is why I sought out Movement IQ.  As a pilot I am constantly sitting down for flights.”

Grant Hasting

“I have had lower back pain for 15 years at a pain level of 8-9 out of 10. I’ve worked with Chiropractors and done PT but my pain always came back. After working with MIQ one time, my pain went down to a 3!”

Cindy Brown
Life Coach

The Program Works For:

If you are living and breathing, you need a Daily Dose of Movement IQ.

Movement IQ is trusted by some of the top companies in the world

What Makes Movement IQ So Different?

When your move and train your body the way that it was designed, an amazing thing happens.  You become capable of performing at such a high level – physically and mentally.  

You are a unique individual with your own unique set of needs, desires and abilities.  So why would you train in a generic, cookie-cutter way?  You wouldn’t, if you wanted specific, high-performing results.  Results designed to eliminate pain and disfunction, build your capabilities and boost your physical and mental performance.  Basically, allowing you to accomplish all the goals you want to in life…

Movement IQ is a movement-based program designed to train your unique needs and desires as a human being.  The MIQ program sets itself apart from other systems because this training is  designed to train the WHOLE system, including your vision, balance, mobility, strength and breathing – everything you need to:

  • Eliminate Pain and Dysfunction including back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, eye strain, shoulder pain and posture.
  • Move smarter and become more capable, allowing you to accomplish those lifelong goals that were pushed back.
  • Shed unwanted pounds that have crept up over the years from inactivity.
  • Drastically boost mental performance and energy.
  • Build a resilient, high-performing body that has eluded you over the years.

The program builds through 3-phases, starting by eliminating pain and improving overall movement quality.  Once you’ve upgraded movement ability and decreased any pain, it’s time to move into mastering movement with our more advance movement training, following by performance building programs that really kick things into high gear.  These programs will teach you how to get strong and move powerfully.

Ryan & Missy

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