Feeling Sick or Swollen? Drain Your Lymph!


Today’s post comes from Coach Missy, where she gives you the goods on your Lymphatic System and what to do about it:

  • Your Lymphatic System is your waste system.
  • Movement and Breathing assist in Lymphatic Drainage.
  • Steps to drain your Lymph.

Video Transcript

Hey, Hey party people. This video is just one way that you can help drain your lymphatic system. This is your waste system. It is crucial that you move your body and you know how to breathe in order to have this system working efficiently and in your favor. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about the lymphatic system by now. It’s really important. You could probably attend a one year course on this. Okay, maybe a four day course, but there’s a lot of, excuse me, information on this and it’s an extremely important, but one thing I want to do is give you something as you know how I am effective, simple and easy to use. You can assess anything that you seem concerned about, okay? If your ankles are swollen, take a photo of them before you do this. If it’s your face, take a photo. If it’s tenderness, one to 10 Ooh, I’m an eight write that number down.

Whatever it is, make sure you have an assessment before you try it so you know that it actually did you any good. Cause if it didn’t, it’s literally not worth your time, right? We never know. You have to assess it. So the palpation for this is a little funky because you have to take your opposite hand and reach across. There are ducks underneath your clavicles. Okay? Not like quack, quack, duck. But do you see T a duct that is known to assist in lymphatic drainage? And if you knew where they were, you could work on them yourself and see what happens, right? So it’s the biggest bang for your buck. Move without having to spend 2030 minutes doing a whole lymphatic situation, right? You’ve got a couple minutes. Your kids are screaming, you’re in between emails, whatever you gotta do. You know what? Sometimes I do this at a stop light, okay?

Right vs. Left Lymphatic Duct

If I need it. What you do is you find your clavicles, okay? These are your collarbones where the sternum meets the clavicle. We call it Sterno-clavicular. You’re going to take your opposite hand, shove your index finger into that 90 degree crevice. You can literally see it. Boop, one, two, three, three fingers wide. Boom. That’s my target. You’re going to get right on this duct and you can Google this image. So you can really see what I’m talking about. Laterally placed your finger underneath that part you just found under the clavicle, you’re almost trying to sneak up under it. The opposite hand goes on top of the finger and pushes down. Then you pull the tissue laterally. This hand does not do the pressure, so you’re not going to stab yourself. Okay? Other hand pushes pressure on the finger laterally. Move and breathing here in for to through the nose, out the mouth for four, three, two, one. Okay. You can set a timer for three to five minutes or you can do five to 10 reps of breathing, whatever you want to do. Gent, Lee, lift your fingers off.

Take a moment and then reassess whatever it is you assessed previously. Swollen ankles, take a new photo. Do they look better? Your tenderness on the nodes in your neck? How is that? You could have assessed a range of motion, a squat, whatever it was that you wanted to see improvement on and there should be change. I have tested this on many human beings and if I can catch them within 48 hours of a cold, I can usually get rid of it just by simply doing this technique. I prefer that you lay down, but you can first do this seated and just know that movement and breathing are crucial for the lymphatic system. This is just a way to get you, I don’t want to say temp, well temporary relief and results, but it will help you feel better in the moment and at least you know how to access it.

The duct under your left clavicle is for the left side of your face and left side of, I’m sorry, left side of your face, your arm and the rest of your body. Interestingly, the right duct is only responsible for your right arm, a little bit of the right thorax and the right half of the face. So if your issue is on the right side of your face, your right arm or yourright thorax, do the right clavicle duct. If your issues on the left arm, left face, left thorax and the legs, do the left one. Okay. In for two out for four to six, three to five minutes on the clock, or five to 10 breaths and reassess.


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1 thought on “Feeling Sick or Swollen? Drain Your Lymph!”

  1. Carol Fantelli

    Hi Missy!
    This was so very helpful and I wanted to thank you for such a simple and clear video demonstration. I will try this tonite when I go to bed and can’t wait to feel my results! I have been thinking about you and Ryan and hope that you are doing ok during this crazy time. I am fine and had to cancel my return trip to Thailand due to the virus. Maybe next year….. but in the meantime I still hold such fond memories of meeting you both in Chiang Mai and wish you continued good health, love and joy!
    Carol Fantelli

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