The MIQ Online Program

We Think You're Going To Love It!

The One-Stop Virtual Health & Fitness Program

You’re here because something is not working.  Maybe you’ve been experiencing chronic pain, or just keep ‘tweaking’ you something?  Maybe you’d like to improve your hip mobility  or have the desire to get stronger?  Wherever YOU are on YOUR journey, we can help you in a smart, sustainable way.

Wherever You Are In Your Journey, There Is A Place For You Here

The MIQ Program is broken out into 3 tracks that are designed to build off of each other to create strong, lasting results.


The Eliminate Pain track starts by providing you with essential educational mini-courses on why you may be experiencing pain, how your brain processes all the information it’s taking in and steps you can take to mitigate discomfort.  It’s been proven that movement is a powerful way to eliminate pain and disfunction in your body, so we start there with the movement, vision, balance and breathing basics.  Lastly, you’ll get access to all of our pain-specific prescriptions for Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis and more.


Once you’re out of pain, it’s time to stay out of pain and continue progressing your abilities.  The Move Better Track is designed to build off the movement, vision and balance basics you learned and expand your movement template.  There is some essential education to learn to keep things safe and sustainable, but we have specific programs to improve every area of your body, from shoulder and hip mobility routines to back and neck mobility routines all the down to the foot and ankle.  You’ll be armed with programs to keep you evolving.


It’s all about performance in life.  Performance on the field or court, performance on the mountain or in the back yard.  Performance in the office and the boardroom.  In the Perform Stronger Track, we’ve curated programs for strength training on all levels, performance training for athletes and performance programs to achieve virtually every goal.


A quick search in our exercise library will provide you with hundreds of exercises, targeting every part of your body.


E-Learning is great, but there is not substitute for hands-on training. Get access to all of our live and virtual events - first!


Deep dive into ALL THE TOPICS. You'll have access to exclusive education and training to keep you improving year round.


It's never fun to go at it alone. Have questions or need support? Our community groups are an added resource to you.


Guides, PDFs and more! We've developed an extensive list of resources over the years, to make things easier on you.


The content machine is on-going. MIQ members will get exclusive discounts to all of the products and events we host.

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