MIQ Corporate Wellness

Training for the people and business

Employee satisfaction is not just about stand-up desks and open spaces anymore.

To truly fight the effects of sedentary living, it’s going to require training people how to move their bodies the way they were designed and giving them permission to take care of themselves the right way.  Movement IQ aims to solve this with on-site services that provide simple movement-based strategies to fuel creative, high-producing team members.  Our holistic approach gives employees the tools to control their health and happiness.  

Targets For The People:

Build Body Awarness

Positive changes can’t be made until awareness is built. Attendees will have a clear understanding of what causes pain and disfunction and how to become aware of these risk factors to create positive change.

Essential Education

Attendees will learn how to assess themselves, step-by-step protocols for addressing their bodies and what to look for in their environments. This provides the confidence to take ownership in their well-being.

Actionable Self-Care

Attendees learn powerful movement exercises to stimulate instant changes in posture, pain, and performance. These interactive sessions empower the group on what, when and how to perform optimal exercises.

Building Smarter Business

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