10 Tips For Training People Online

Well, 2020 is sure turning out to be a strange year huh?  Regardless of their industry, most people have been forced to work remotely.  For those of you who don’t have much experience doing it, the new routines can feel pretty foreign. 

This blog is geared for you health and fitness coaches out there that have had to move from in-person training to online training of some type.  I’ve been fortunate enough to do most of my coaching online for quite some time now, so the transition for me isn’t really new.

I thought it’d be helpful to share some thoughts on my experience in coaching people online, to help bridge the gap for you coaches out there.  Here are the 10 tips you MUST get comfortable with, if you plan on doing any type of online health and fitness coaching.

Tip #1:  Online Training Set-Up

Your sessions will go much better if the client/athlete uses a laptop or computer and not their phone. If they need to use their phone, it is not the end of the world. You can make that work. I get motion sickness when my clients move the camera around so I always suggest a computer or laptop prior to the meeting.

Tip #2: Test It Out

Do a trial run with someone you trust and do it for free in turn for a review from them.

(Yelp, google business, FB etc)

Tip #3: Lighting

Make sure your lighting is good (you will find this out during your trial run). It does not have to be amazing, it just has to be decent. 

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Tip #4: Cueing

Be prepared. Your cues will be key in saving your energy.

Tip #5: Energy

Online training (one:on:one or classes) is generally more exhausting because you only have verbal communication available (obviously) which most coaches aren’t used to. Be prepared to be a little more tired than usual at the end of the day. You don’t have the access to use tactile feedback and fix their hinge position with one touch. You might need 3-5 cues, one demo and some trial repetitions before they “get” what you’re trying to have them do. Be patient.

Tip #6: Session Spacing

You MUST create space between clients. For example 50 minute sessions or 15-30 minutes scheduled between each session strategically. Do not do back to back online. You will run over time most of the time. It will stress you out. You will need to pee. You will need to wash your hands. You will need to take a couple bites of food. You need that 5 minutes. Trust me. 

Tip #7: Smile

Smile a lot. They already feel awkward so don’t add to the awkwardness. Make them laugh, acknowledge anything weird. Crack jokes. Say hi to the people walking in the background. When they can’t see you, they can feel you. Smile. Turn your phone on airplane mode.

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Tip #8: Be Direct

Be authoritative. “Hey can you please move the camera down so I can see more of your feet?” They want to feel completely confident that YOU feel completely confident. Don’t be afraid to call the shots online. You do it well in real life, so stay BIG online. 

Tip #9: Teach

Don’t be afraid to demo. Move your computer if it looks weird. Ask them if they can see what you want them to see. “Can you see my full squat?” Ask questions, make sure they understand you, and work together.

Tip #10 Make The Most Out Of It

HAVE FUN. Make light of this dark time. Show your appreciation tenfold for them going out of their comfort zone. Yes, I know you’re uncomfortable too, but they’re paying you for a service. At the end of the day, if you need to, you can vent to your spouse, family, and friends about how you’re feeling. Save it for later, though, not when you’re in the middle of a session.

I know these tips seem simple and obvious, but it’s the little things that make online coaching a better experience for you and your client.  It’s up to you to keep both your and their needs front of mind in order for a smooth session.

Need some specifics?  Just reach out!

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